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From: Wedding Palace Visitor
Posted: 9/8/2009 6:14:05 PM
Subject: My nehpew is getting married t
Question: My nehpew is getting married this October, He always told my nieces when he gets married,they would be invited to the Wedding for sure. Now the invitations have been sent out & the girls names were not on the invitation. My Son has a little guy under 2 years of age,he was not invited either. My Brother said he was sending the RSVP back saying 4 would be there,our son sent thier RSVP back saying 3 would be there. Now comes the problem. Our daughter & her family live about 4 hours trip away. She asked me to call my nehpew & ask him if her the 2 boys aged 14 & & 10 years of age were or were not invited,I could not get thru,so left him a message & he responded leaving me a message,saying the boys names were not on the invitation,due to the large number of relatives attending,they had to narrow it done to first cousins only. I emailed our daughter telling her what the response was. My understanding is that it has always been ok for anyone to go to the Church to see the Wedding Ceremony & to the hall for the Dance if they were not invitated for the dinner. Is that still the rule? My daughter said she would noy assume the boys would be invited to the dinner,as that can be expensive. She says to me she does not mind missing the dinner,but then says in the email back to me,that she & her family & our son & his family & my youngest brother & hius family would have to go out to dinner together taking the children & only attend the ceremony & dance. Then thier is the matter of my husband,probably saying he will not go to the dinner either & I'm the Aunt & we are expected to be there. Help!!!!!! I'm wishing my daughter would have called her cousin herself to ask the questions,I'm feeling like I've been put in the middle & not happy about it. Any advise you can give me concerning this matter & what I need to write to my daughter in reply to what she wrote back to me. I need to know this ASAP. Thank You. Warmheartedsoul

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