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From: Wedding Palace Visitor
Posted: 10/9/2009 10:50:04 AM
Subject: My fiance and I both have chil
Question: My fiance and I both have children. I have one and he has full custody of his 4. His oldest daughter seems to bring out the rage in me. She's unruly, ungrateful, selfish and just plain mean to the other kids. I feel as though it is her way to get attention. I think she needs counseling because of the ordeal that she had to go through because of her mother, but my fiance won't accept it. He doesn't like the way I discipline her, but when she is constatnly doing things that she knows are wrong what other choice do I have. I have tried, corners (time out), taking toys, not giving her treats, spanking and just time sitting alone in her room, not to mention yelling and talking. Nothing phases her. She is 6 years old and I don't want to see her follow in her mothers foot steps, but she is surely headed in the same direction. What should I do? How is our marriage going to work if there is no way that I can get my fiance to see the light that there is something wrong with her. Oh, did I mention he doesn't like to spank? She kicked a kid a school and all he did was talk to her. She also punched my 6 year old daughter in the throat during my daughters slumber party! This isn't a normal 6 year olds behavior!

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