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From: Wedding Palace Visitor
Posted: 6/6/2010 11:12:18 PM
Subject: Hello, My fiance and I foun
Question: Hello, My fiance and I found a place that we want to get married and have our reception at. It is the only venue of its kind in our area and it's priced within my parents budget. On our first visit my mother was a little turned off because the banquet manager failed to fully disclose that we would have to sign the wedding contract in order to hold a date for two weeks. By the end of the visit, the venue had let us hold the date by putting a deposit on our credit card and allow us NOT to sign the wedding contract. During the two week hold we looked at other venues which made us realize that this venue was really the one for us. We went back to the venue where we left the deposit and explained that things got off to a rocky start because of the miscomunication about signing the wedding contract on our first visit. We explained my mother was soured by the experience, and that since she was paying for the reception, we asked if they could do something, upgrade the menu, include a chocolate fountain, etc, to smooth out the wrinkle that the initail misunderstanding caused. The manager that we met with on this date got completely upset with us, would not add anything, there was another misunderstanding and one thing led to another, some names were called, and we were asked to leave. I was completely upset because this was where I wanted to get married!!! My future in laws called the venue and spoke with the manager and were able to work it out so that we could have our wedding there again. My mom thinks we're crazy that we would even consider it after the way we were treated. We're a little leary as well and our confidence is shaken in thinking that the venue cares about giving us a special wedding day. However, this venue is just perfect for what we want. Question: Should we go forward with the venue after our experience? If so, is there anything we can do to ensure that the venue takes our event seriously and makes sure its special? Thanks for your help, Stephania

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