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From: Wedding Palace Visitor
Posted: 8/7/2010 1:32:54 AM
Subject: I'll try to be brief. My brot
Question: I'll try to be brief. My brother and his wife in horrible, ugly divorce situation. Wife mentally unbalanced. Brother about half as difficult as she is. Due to tragic circumstances, my husband and I took my 5 year old niece and 8 year old nephew (their children) in to raise. We only married 8 months when this occurred. After 3 years of stress and chaos in dealing with mother (father in prison) we finally expended $8,000 to seek legal and physical custody and the court ruled in our favor. No relationship between the kids and mother through years......long story, but they despise her.......for valid reasons. Fast forward, both in college, 1 preparing to take M-Cat and apply to Med School, the other graduating college 05/2011. Kids have good relationship with father (and visit). Mother lives in Ohio (fortunately) and we live in north Georgia. Have raised as our own along with our young son. Niece will likely be getting married in 18-24 months and I am trying to plan for options in dealing with the inevitable. What options does anyone see for handling family issues for her wedding. We love both as son and daughter, and they refer to us as their parents and the home they grew up in as their home. Parents will not be paying for anything for wedding, but I believe we need to be open to possibility of their attendance if that is what niece wants. Ideas on handling? My best idea so far is niece & fiancee plan a simple repeat ceremony in Ohio to satisfy the biological mother (who is severely handicapped) with the real goal being to avoid her even traveling here to cause stress and trouble at/during the wedding. Again.....need suggestions/ideas.

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