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From: Wedding Palace Visitor
Posted: 2/8/2006 11:06:44 AM
Subject: I'm in an out of town wedding
Question: I'm in an out of town wedding and would like to have my hair & makeup done that day. I asked the bride if she would be having it done, as well. She is also not from that state and did not know what she was doing for her hair and make up and asked me to ask the groom what he thought should be done, and to ask him where we (the girls) would be getting ready that day. She is planning there wedding that will be in the country that she is currently living in and he is planning the one in his state that is a week later. Both weddings are a month and half away and I would like to plan things like travel and a beauty appointment. And she dosen't even know the time table for the day of the wedding. She did know that we would be having pictures at the church and recption hall before the cermony, but not what time. My newphew is also her ring bearer and we have gotten no response from them on what they would like him to where that day Tux or suit. I don't know the groom I have only spoken to him once on the phone and sent him an email. Isn't this the brides responsibility to let her bridesmaids know this information. Do I make an appointment for me or track down all her brides maids and ask them if they want appointment too. I don't want to ask them any more question I feel i'm being a pain.

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