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From: Wedding Palace Visitor
Posted: 5/18/2006 8:59:07 AM
Subject: OK. Seriously I never thought
Question: OK. Seriously I never thought this would happen to me. But I'm freaking out. Up until the last few days everything has been going great. I've never felt more in love. I actually cried while kissing him in a target parking lot, saying I love you so much. For no reason we weren't arguing or anything. It was just the way I felt. But a few nights later... I accidently called him my ex boyfriends name. I kept telling him it was an accident! My fiance's name is Brian, and my ex brandon. So the b's get me mixed up. And that's the only time I did that. I knew I'd screw up eventually. He wasn't upset. He actually laughed. But I felt so bad.. Ever since then I've been thinking of my ex. Wondering if I still like him. I know for a while while me and brian were first dating I still had feelings for him. But I realized how much I wanted to be with Brian when I went behind brian's back and saw brandon. Brian almost broke up with me. I've never cried so hard in my life. I've never felt so alone. And all I wanted was to be with him. But the last couple nights I've been thinking maybe i toke brian for granted.I honestly didn't fall in love with him until 3 months ago. I feel like I lied when I said I loved him before. And now I'm doubting how I feel. And I'm wondering if I like me ex still? I know brian loves me more than anything. And I know there's no one out there that is better for me. And I know I love him too. And I want to be the best thing for him. And I want to make him happy. I just never want to hurt him. Please tell me am I crazy?! Is this normal?? If it's not, I want to make this work. please help me. I know he's the one.

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