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From: Wedding Palace Visitor
Posted: 11/29/2006 12:25:51 PM
Subject: Dear Roy & Joanne Please un
Question: Dear Roy & Joanne Please understand that I have absolutely nothing against you nor am I looking for an argument. I am at a point that I don't trust that Missy and John are being honest with either one of us. I was told that you did not want to speak to us to discuss anything because you were afraid it would become an argument. If this is so I am not sure why you would feel that way. I don't think that Art or myself have been at all disrespectful to you in any way. I was told that you agreed with John and Missy moving in together and that I was only upset because John was leaving home. To set he record straight I was upset because we taught John that you don't move in with someone and put their name on the deed when they have invested nothing!!! It also is not the morales that I instilled in my son so I don't want you to think otherwise and Missy was well aware of my feelings on this matter since it had been discussed here. I was not told of their decision to move in together until after the house was purchased have tried to move on but they keep making decisions that do have a very big effect on both of our families. I just recently found out that you were not completely supportive of their living arrangements either but I kept getting told by our children that you were fine with it and I should forget about it. I am not against John and Missy getting Married or their relationship I hope they have a long happy life together. But I would like you to know that three weeks ago they came to our house and announced that they were getting married Nov 3rd 2007 I asked are you sure and they said yes it is the date and we are paying for the wedding ourselves and we would like a water front area. I was then asked if we could help at all with the expenses etc. I said that they would have to put down the deposits etc. because I didn't want to get stuck if they changed their minds. November 10th my sister and mother were here and the bomb was dropped that they were getting married August 11th in Las Vegas. I didn't say to much because I didn't want my sisters visit to become a scene. There was no discussion at all they made a decision which means that no one from my family will attend the wedding. So this wedding will now cost me at least 3 to 4 thousand dollars and I will have no one there that cares about us to share it with. My parents and sisters are very hurt that John would make such a decision knowing full well that my parents both in their 70s would not be able to come my father was just diagnosed with bladder cancer and my mother is a severe diabetic and won't get on a plane. The cost of this wedding is prohibitive. John asked his brothers to be in his wedding party and now it appears Daniel might be best man and Chris is out. Daniel would like to move out next yr and buy a home which means he doesn't have an extra thousand dollars to spend to accommodated his brother not to mention he had no intention of using his vacation time in this manner. Please understand that it is my hope that we can have a relationship built on honesty and not what John and Missy feed us!!!! I hold both of our children responsible for any miscommunication that may have occurred or might occur in the future. If you don't want to talk in person I understand but that doesn't mean you won't receive a letter. Respectfully, Dawn and Arthur Gress 410-551-5186

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