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From: Wedding Palace Visitor
Question: My husbands daughter is getting married in 2 weeks - I've been instructed I am not 'ALLOWED' to wear anything in the red or blue spectrum, no black or black & white. This girl doesn't like me and she has forbid me to have any contact with her. Everything has been communicated through her father by her or her sister. The ceremony is at a University chapel - she cannot get married in the Catholic Church - the reception is at a fancy country club - I was all set to wear a more casual outfit to the ceremony and a more formal outfit to the reception, however, I have been SLOWLY told of the color restrictions and my plans have all fallen apart over the last few weeks! So I've been trying to find something suitable for both venues - a dress or suit tea length not too fancy or too business like. I've tried very hard to find something pink or purple with no luck. My best colors are Black - Reds - Burgundy - Pink and Purple. Of course everything in the stores are very glittery, in the "forbidden" colors or silver/gold/green (which are awful on me!) I am very fair skin, dark hair, dark eyes. Also, I am in between sizes as I have been losing weight, so I tried several online catalogs - I have spent more money on catalog return postage fees than I care to think about. I have been told by her Godmother (my best friend) she asked her mother not to wear ivory or white because it would be inappropriate - however, her mother is walking her down the aisle with her father. I had a fuschia dress and was told that wouldn't work because it was in the "red/burgundy" family; burgundy is what her mother is wearing. So, ivory and black was my last choice, I found a perfect suit that fits well. is very flattering to my figure and is very comfortable! Now her Godmother is suggesting I shouldn't wear that because of the request she made to her mother. The only formal pictures will be at the chapel - none of which will include her mother and I together - her mother truly hates her father and me for that matter! There won't even be a photo of her with her father and I, and who is going to be looking at me anyway? My friend said I should try to find a brown dress - YUCK! My husband doesn't want to catch any grief from his daughter over what I wear so I have to stick with the rules and at this point I don't even bring it up to him anymore! Additionally, we plan to leave the reception as soon as we possibly can as he doesn't want to be there any longer than his "fatherly" duties require. There hasn't been a good relationship with this daughter and him. Also he has only a sister and brother-in-law and her godparents as far as his family that will be there the other 125 guests are her mothers family and the grooms family whom we've never met. Can someone please help me? Am I wrong to wear Ivory and Black - I plan to accesorize with black and it was not on the list of forbidden colors....I am at the end of my rope here

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