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From: Wedding Palace Visitor
Question: As asked I am telling your all the outcome of my previous post. I went down to the bridal shop on the 6th for the "final" I was suppose to leave with my dress. We called ahead to make sure they had steamed the dress out cause we were told once steamed the wrinkles (bubbling) would go away. They told us they would steam it we got to the shop,first they said to me dont even worry about putting your slip on under the dress just go in and slip into the dress. and I said no, i want to see what it looks like all together. So first thing I noticed before I even put the dress on is the dress was discolored where it was taken back out at. I put it on on the right side under my arm it was bubbled out prob. a inch and kept on bubbling the whole way down, the other side it had sequins bordering the top they were flipped inward on the left, the front of the dress (chest,tummy area) had bubbles all through it my right breast looked like it was halfway down my tummy and the left one was upward it was bubbled so bad. They tried saying any dress with sequins on it does that and i said well it didnt do that before you guys took it in (which they were NEVER told to do so it fit perfectly up top) so I got off the rak the original dress size 10 same size as the dress I ordered in put it on it looked perfect! My mom told them I do not want this dress I want another dress her wedding is in 13 days and id rather her wear a used dress than that. So they said they could overnight a size 12 and have it there this Monday (this was thursday) so we left there highly pissed and the more I thought about it they are ordering in a size to big they are gonna have to take it in, and prob. ruin it again and by then it will be to late to do anything about it i'll be stuck with it, so my moms friend called a friend of hers who owns a bridal shop about a hours drive from where I live and asked her if she could help me get a dress in in time, and she said yes just come up friday so I did they had just gotten a new shipment in and I found a dress I liked and my mom bought it that day they did the pinning then and I try it on/pick it up friday the 14th one week before my wedding so they saved my butt! but while on the drive to this bridal shop, the other shop called and said my 2 bridesmaid dresses (that they messed up) were in we could get them monday when I come down to alterations on the size 12 wedding dress. My mom told her we were going down to get another wedding dress, and they said oh no dont do that we will fix it it will b perfect I promise, and my mom told them you told me that 3 times now the wedding is 13 days away we shouldnt'have to worry about not having a dress I bought a size10 off of you, all you can get in now is a 12 which means your gonna have to take it in, thats how you ruined the first one I dont have time to wait around to see if you can do it you mess up again and my daughter wont have a wedding dress. So the woman says "if you want to buy another dress i'd hope you would buy it from us" and my mom said I did buy the dress she wanted from you and you ruined it. So Monday we are going down there to get the girls dresses and my mom is just going to tell them, I bought in full a dress a size 10 a year ago,you then ruined my property I dont want it replaced with a size 12 I didnt buy a size 12 I bought a 10 I want my money back for the dress and the alterations. And we shall see what happens then. Thanks for all your advice, Luckily that other lady was able to help me out!

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