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From: Wedding Palace Visitor
Response: Hi Mona:
Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

Before you think about your colors, I think you need to focus on three areas. #1 is your budget; #2 is your setting, either formal or informal; and #3 is you and your fiances personality and likes and dislikes.

Do you want to go with just one of the colors? Personally, I think that would be more striking than both, but its up to you. Thats just my opinion. An idea would be small glass bowls with some silver or clear colored gem stones on the bottom and then 1 or 2 floating candles in silver on top. You can place this on a mirror which would give off more reflection once it is dark. This makes a simple, elegant, and inexpensive wedding centerpiece. You can also incorporate your 'color', say silver, into the table linens with silver colored linen napkins if they are available to you at your site, or you can always rent them. Of course, you could do this same thing in the mint green color also, or a mixture of both if that is what you prefer. This is just one suggestion.

I recently saw a picture of a centerpiece with 6 votive holders and candles arranged on a bed of rose petals. This looked very nice and would not be too expensive if you used silk rose petals. It was simple and elegant.

Do you like flowers? This can get expensive depending on the number of tables you need to decorate. A single bud vase in silver with one rose and some greens perhaps with a votive on each side of it would also make a beautiful and simple centerpiece. The possibilities are endless when it comes to centerpieces. Again, its what you want.

Do you want to go outside of the 'normal' candles and flowers idea? Have you heard of a product called 'Wanderfuls'? Check them out at It is a favor and centerpiece all in one....very nice, but possibly pricey.

If your ceremony and reception is informal, you can go in another direction. Some people do balloon arrangements, some do potted plants.

They only thing to remember.....and this is important.....make sure that the centerpiece is low enough so that your guests can see over them. There is nothing worse than trying to talk to someone on the other side of the table who is obstructed with a large centerpiece.

If go to any computer search engine, such as Google, and type in wedding centerpiece ideas, you will get LOTS of ideas. Martha Stewart Weddings is another good source with inspiration. Perhaps you are crafty?

Again, I believe the decorations need to be done within your budget; within the formality or informality of the wedding; and should be a reflection of your tastes. Then you can incorporate the colors into whatever you choose.

I hope you have a beautiful wedding!

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